Inspired by the Wiltshire landscape and the environment around me, I like to paint in the space between Figurative and Abstract. Ideas get reinterpreted – first into the sketchbook, then onto the canvas and then many times over as I explore. I find much inspiration in nature and the domestic sphere. I am interested in form and mark making brought together with strong compositional elements. My compositions strive for a visual tension by pushing against the obvious. Each painting is a journey during which I might get lost for a while. 

While my work is predominantly abstract, I also like to experiment with more representational elements and play with questions of perception and understanding- how an artwork is read by the viewer and how a figurative or representational shape can change that. I have recently been making small watercolour cut outs of realistically painted butterfly wings that I introduce - interested in the question of how the final image is gauged by the viewer.

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